How to manage your own health care risk

Insurers are now offering free medical advice to consumers to help them manage their own health insurance risk.Insurers are offering advice to help consumers manage their insurance risk, according to a survey by research firm Avalere Health.The survey also found that insurers have been getting a lot of new customers who are new to the […]

How to read insurance quotes

Insurance industry experts, who tend to be younger, are more likely to have insurance knowledge and to have paid premiums, according to a new study.The survey by the Canadian Insurance Research Institute (CIRI) and the University of Toronto found that more than half of insurance professionals aged 35-64 had been paid for premiums and that […]

How to find and maintain knowledge about insurance products and services,and learn about the insuring industry

Insurers and insurance agents are the ones who are responsible for selling the products and servicing the insurance products that you have purchased.This means that you need to be knowledgeable about all the different products and service available in the insurance industry.You need to know how to find the best product or service for your […]

What are CMS Insurers’ roles and responsibilities?

In the context of CMS Insurance, the company’s core product, insurance is a business value.The insurance value is the sum of the cost and benefit to the customer of the policy.In other words, the insurance value represents the value the insurance provider adds to the business as a whole.CMSInsurance is the company that provides insurance […]

When will insurance be cheaper?

Personal insurance is a complicated industry.Most people know the basics of how insurance works, but how to get the right kind of coverage, and when to buy, are all topics that vary widely.What’s different in 2018?It’s time to find out if there’s any way to make insurance coverage more affordable for all.We’ve been covering the […]

When it comes to insurance metrics, the market has changed, but the rules are still the same

AUSTIN — There are a lot of reasons why the U.S. insurance market is still so complex and expensive.But one of them is that insurance companies continue to tweak their metrics to try to keep consumers happy.For the most part, insurers use these metrics to make a profit, but some use them to gauge the […]

Insurers Are Taking It to the Next Level: Insurers are taking it to the next level

Insurers say they are taking an increasingly sophisticated approach to their customers’ personal health information.The industry has developed the tools to identify when a customer’s information has been misused or improperly shared, as well as how to make that information more secure.Insurers also are looking at ways to increase transparency, including by offering users the […]

‘Faced with the prospect of bankruptcy’

Insurance company Cigna has revealed it will cut about 100 jobs, as it looks to reduce costs as the US continues to experience a record-high rate of medical bankruptcies.In a statement, the insurance giant said it had reached an agreement with its employees to help them stay on staff.It said the deal would save $200m […]

The New York Times bestselling app to track dental insurance and other important health care information

Posted May 01, 2018 09:23:56In this article we take a look at the most commonly searched and used health care related terms in the United States.This is the data we collect from the most popular searches in each state.Our algorithm will automatically compare the top five most searched terms to the top 50 most searched […]

How to keep your car insurance costs down in the age of ‘insurer fraud’

The number of people who lose their insurance claims when they try to use the wrong company to buy insurance has doubled since the ACA was passed, according to a new study from the insurance industry.The average claim that is lost or cancelled by insurers every year has more than tripled, according the Insurance Information […]