How to know if you’re covered for a pre-existing condition?

Health insurance companies will not cover pre-existent conditions, but if you have a pre-“bad” one, they may.If you do have a bad pre-condition, you may still be able to find coverage under your current plan.Al Jazeera’s Sarah Haines explains.

How to keep your policy and your family in the loop on health care coverage and benefits

Health insurance coverage and the impact of new and revised coverage laws vary by state.Here’s a quick look at some of the major changes and what you need to know about them.How can you get started?Insurance coverage is the key to keeping a family and yourself covered.For some, it can be as simple as a […]

What you need to know about marine insurance

By the end of this month, the Government will release its marine insurance market knowledge and recommendations.But it is already clear that there are still many unanswered questions about the industry and how the market works.What is the industry like?What is marine insurance?What are the benefits and risks?What insurance companies are required to disclose?Who pays […]

What insurance knowledge can you get on homebuyers insurance

Here’s a quick look at some key insurance knowledge to get you started.1.Insurance Basics You can’t really buy a home on your own, but you can get a good idea of what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers, according to the American Insurance Association.“Housing is not something you can buy on your income or assets, so […]

How to buy insurance coverage with dental insurance

When you buy a dental plan, you’re likely to be paying for some kind of medical procedure.For example, your doctor may need to remove a tooth, give you a colonoscopy or perform a gallbladder biopsy.Or your dentist may want to repair a cracked tooth, or perform another dental procedure.If you need to take a medication, […]

Why do you need to be insured?

Insurers, however, aren’t just about getting you covered.They’re also trying to keep you safe.And as insurance companies become increasingly important players in your health care, there are some important questions they have to answer about their role in your care.1.Are you covered?1.1 Do I have to be covered?The first question insurance companies have to ask […]

Why you should buy insurance now

What is your insurance plan?Insurance coverage?What if I change plans?Insurance quotes?Insurance rates?I need to know what insurance is available.What is my insurance plan and what’s the price?I don’t have insurance but I need some insurance information.What is my plan and when did I buy it?Where do I get it?Is it covered by my state insurance […]

Health care industry warns of ‘massive’ cost blowout as cost-sharing increases continue

The Canadian Association of Independent Business said Wednesday that the federal government’s proposed health care overhaul will push up the costs of insurance coverage for all Canadians by a “massive” amount, but that the sector is prepared to “keep fighting” to protect the current health care system.In its latest forecast, the group says that by […]

India’s Prime Minister says ‘good work’ by state officials to combat black money

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said it had created a dedicated fund to tackle black money and corruption and would help state governments tackle it.Modi made the remarks after addressing a gathering of senior officials in Delhi to mark the completion of the new fiscal year.The Finance Ministry said the fund […]

Why is the U.S. government trying to force people to buy insurance?

What happens when a government agency makes a policy that requires people to purchase insurance?If that policy is for an individual or small business, the individual or business owner would likely have no way to stop it from taking effect.However, if that policy covers a large number of individuals or businesses, there are various avenues […]