When you think ‘insurance’, do you think home insurance or homeowner’s insurance?

The Homeowners Insurance Industry Association (HIIA) released a new survey on Tuesday showing homeowners insurance is the most popular insurance option for consumers in Canada.While homeowners insurance has always been the preferred choice, this new survey shows it’s the most preferred insurance option across the country, with 70 per cent of respondents choosing the insurance […]

Which Insurance Companies Know Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

In the first installment of our insurance knowledge series, we’ll delve into what insurance companies know about your homeowners insurance policy and the factors that affect your chances of having your homeowners policy canceled.What are the pros and cons of homeowners insurance policies?Pros Insurers and insurers have a variety of reasons for wanting to insure […]

How to beat the ‘lazy’ insurance markets

A new survey from four leading insurance markets shows that more Americans are likely to seek coverage under their health insurance plans when they find out they have pre-existing conditions.As more Americans learn that they may have pre or post-existing health conditions, insurers are scrambling to find ways to meet their demand.One way insurers are […]

The New York Times bestselling app to track dental insurance and other important health care information

Posted May 01, 2018 09:23:56In this article we take a look at the most commonly searched and used health care related terms in the United States.This is the data we collect from the most popular searches in each state.Our algorithm will automatically compare the top five most searched terms to the top 50 most searched […]

When is your insurance company going to kick you off your current plan?

If you want to know what your current insurer is charging for coverage, check out the latest quotes.Insurance quotes and discounts vary widely, and are sometimes only a fraction of the actual cost of a coverage, according to The Insurance Information Institute.That means there’s a good chance you’ll pay more or less for your coverage […]

How to Get Insurer Coverage Without Getting Paid

Health insurance is a lucrative business, but it is not easy to get the insurance you need without making money first.In India, you need to get coverage without paying a penny.That is why Indian insurance companies are looking to get a bit more information from their customers, as the industry is in a slump right […]

How Much Should You Know About Insurer Pre-Coverage?

The American Medical Association has issued a statement urging the public to “know the ins and outs of how your insurance works” before they purchase insurance, and “ask questions when they think you need to make changes to get a better deal.”The AMA says it will publish a list of questions to ask when shopping […]

Insurer Guide to Insurance Knowledge PDF, Insurer Guides to Insurance Tech Info pdf, Insurers Guide to Medical School & Doctorate in Healthcare pdf, Insurance Knowledge quiz

Insurer guides for medical school and doctorate in healthcare.You’ll find detailed answers to common questions about each provider.This provider guide was created by A&D Medical.The full guide is a must read for any medical student.It includes detailed information on each provider and provides the necessary tools to get the most out of your medical school.The […]

What’s in your auto insurance policy?

You don’t have to worry about your car insurance premiums being cut in half, but you will have to keep track of your coverage and keep up with your deductible.Here’s how to keep your auto policy up-to-date.Read moreIn this article, we’re going to show you how to use the auto insurance knowledge management tool to […]

New ‘dental’ insurance portal helps people save money

A new website called the Insurance Knowledge Portal has opened up to help consumers save money on their dental insurance, while helping to ease some of the concerns over the lack of information available on the market.The new website was launched Tuesday by i2s, which is an online marketplace that provides people with a wide […]