When the car insurance industry is in chaos, it’s not a shocker, says economist

More than 20 years ago, when the Australian Insurance Association first began to study car insurance, it was estimated that a car insurance policy could cover between $100,000 and $500,000.The average policy would cover between 40,000 to 50,000 of those claims.But now that average has ballooned to about $1 million, according to the Australian Bureau […]

Health care industry warns of ‘massive’ cost blowout as cost-sharing increases continue

The Canadian Association of Independent Business said Wednesday that the federal government’s proposed health care overhaul will push up the costs of insurance coverage for all Canadians by a “massive” amount, but that the sector is prepared to “keep fighting” to protect the current health care system.In its latest forecast, the group says that by […]

How to choose the best insurance agent for your business

This is part of a special three-part series on the best agents for your next business.You may also want to check out: How to get a job and get your insurance policies updated quickly, How to negotiate with a new insurance agent, How much will your policy cost, How you can compare rates, What you […]

Why are you losing your insurance?

It’s a question many Americans have asked themselves in recent years.After a major insurer announced its plans to leave the U.S. in 2018, many people started to worry about losing their health insurance coverage.Now, it’s becoming more common for consumers to ask questions about insurance companies that may not be covered in their state.This includes […]

How to Buy Life Insurance on eBay: A Step-By-Step Guide

The best ways to find the right life insurance for you.What’s the right amount?Is the company good?Is it worth it?Read on for tips to buy insurance on eBay, and some tips on how to make the most of your eBay experience.1.Know What You’re BuyingInsurance is a two-way transaction: the seller will sell you a product […]

Why Insurers Should Get Smart About Insurance Companies’ Knowledge

By Jennifer O’Leary-Moore, BloombergBusinessWeek, 10.08.2015, 4:03pm ETIn the past, companies like Health Care for America and Cigna made a concerted effort to be more transparent about their business and their risk factors.Now, there’s more pressure on insurers and their investors to be upfront about their risk profiles and how they’re investing.Insurers, of course, don’t need […]

How to get a better insurance job

People are increasingly interested in becoming a physician, but are struggling to find the right job, according to a new survey.In the latest Insights West survey, which was conducted by the insurance company Avalere Health, about a quarter of people said they had been unable to find a new job that matched their skills.The study […]

What to know about dental insurance coverage

What you need to know before you sign up for dental insurance.The new policy covers up to $6,000 for emergency and dental treatment and up to an additional $6.50 for a medical checkup, but coverage is not comprehensive.Coverage does not cover basic dental care, such as a dentist visit or an x-ray.In a statement, Health […]

When it comes to getting the most out of your health insurance, you’ll need to read more

Medical insurance covers the cost of medical treatment for a limited number of conditions.The cost of an insurance premium is often quoted by insurers as a percentage of your income.If you earn more, you can get lower premiums.But if you earn less, you may find yourself paying more.If you’re paying the full price for your […]

How to use the Insure.com domain knowledge and the Insur.com Premium Service

The Insur premium service offers a free trial of Insur Premium and Premium Service Plus for one year.This is a trial period that offers free domain and premium domain registration to customers of Insure for one month.Once you’ve purchased the Insurer Premium and purchased the Premium Service, you can renew your subscription with the Premium […]