Why do you need home insurance? Here’s what you need to know

Axios — The question you probably never thought about before: Do I need to get home insurance coverage?If you’ve been wondering whether you need the insurance to pay for a vacation or a car loan, the answer is probably no.Home insurance, as a matter of law, requires you to get a home insurance policy that […]

How to keep your medical coverage up to date and get more out of your doctor

You’re getting older.You’ve seen the news reports on the rise in the number of people who die of heart attacks and strokes each year.You may be wondering what the fuss is about.Why does it matter?Well, there are a number of reasons that your health care is more or less at risk of failing at a […]

How to manage your own health care risk

Insurers are now offering free medical advice to consumers to help them manage their own health insurance risk.Insurers are offering advice to help consumers manage their insurance risk, according to a survey by research firm Avalere Health.The survey also found that insurers have been getting a lot of new customers who are new to the […]

What you need to know about home insurance coverage

Insurers have become increasingly sophisticated at managing the complexity of their insurance markets.A recent study found that in the last 10 years, the average rate for homeowners insurance in the United States increased from about $8,000 per year to $12,000.But the new research suggests that there’s also room for growth in insurance markets in the […]

I2s Home Insurance Knowledge: A List of All the Types of Home Insurance

The title of this article is “Home insurance knowledge” but the article is actually a list of the different types of insurance that cover your home.There are different types that are insured on a property, like a rental property, a mortgage, a property tax abatement, and a homeowner’s insurance policy.Some types are more specific, like […]

How to find your insurance policy coverages

Know what your coverage is, and what kind of coverage you need to protect your health and your loved ones.You can find out the coverage you’re eligible for online, and it may vary depending on where you live.Know the difference between a medical and life insurance policy and your personal liability policy, or what type […]

How to know if you’re covered for a pre-existing condition?

Health insurance companies will not cover pre-existent conditions, but if you have a pre-“bad” one, they may.If you do have a bad pre-condition, you may still be able to find coverage under your current plan.Al Jazeera’s Sarah Haines explains.

Dentists can teach patients about dental insurance, experts say

AUSTRALIA’S dental insurance market has grown exponentially in the past two years, and with it, the prices of the products that people use to cover dental care.But with the price of insurance on the rise, many dentists are struggling to keep up with rising demand and a lack of knowledge about the dental insurance industry, […]

How insurance market shares explain insurance metrics?

The number of people covered by insurance premiums has fallen for the second straight year, the largest annual decline in more than a decade.Insurance market shares, or market shares that insurers sell through their own network, are the most closely watched data source of insurance industry analysts, but they have been underrepresented in the research […]

Which insurance policies are best for homeowners?

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