A new insurance knowledge exam is now available to help people who may not have the skills to handle the test themselves.

It uses an old test from the 1970s, the Insurance Knowledge Test (ILT), which has been used by insurance companies since the 1960s. 

It’s called the Insurance Knowledge Test for Employers and Workers, and it has been offered in the US since 2005. 

However, the test has been criticized for not being accurate enough for employers who need to hire people. 

“We have not been able to find any credible evidence to suggest that the test is an accurate way to assess whether someone has a high level of knowledge of the insurance industry,” the American College of Cardiology told Reuters in an email.

“We do not recommend the use of the test for hiring purposes.” 

The test has since been replaced by the National Credit Card Information (NCCI) Test, which uses data from an automated test run by the NCCI.

It’s based on information gathered from more than 15 million Americans and is meant to assess a person’s knowledge of credit card transactions and offers. 

While some insurers may be using the new test to hire workers, some insurers will be asking for questions on their own to help with the process. 

This is a good move, but if you’ve never taken the test, now is the time to do so. The NCCI Test has a minimum score of 400. 

To take the test online, just fill in the online form and send it in to your local office.

The results are expected by the end of April. 

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