Learn how to apply for life insurance, including how to ask for more coverage and negotiate better terms.

In this episode, we’ll walk through the basics of life insurance.

Life insurance is a type of policy that pays you to stay alive, typically with medical coverage.

Life insurers usually include a clause that says, “If your insurance company chooses not to pay for my medical expenses, you have the option to pay your medical expenses on your own.

If I decide not to cover you for medical expenses that I deem medically necessary, you will receive a full payment for those expenses.”

Some insurance companies provide a “life policy fee,” which is an additional monthly payment that goes toward medical expenses.

This fee is often tied to the premium you pay for life coverage.

You also can get additional coverage, including the ability to have a higher deductible.

To figure out if life insurance is right for you, we asked experts on the industry for their advice on which policies to consider, what to ask about, and when to ask.

We also discussed the differences between medical coverage and nonmedical coverage, the difference between life insurance and annuities, and whether you should consider a pre-existing condition insurance policy.