By Kate McKeon The skills gap has widened at some workplaces, with some employers offering online training to help staff manage their personal information.Read more‏Auckland’s Office of Business Innovation and Skills is offering online information for those looking to improve their skills and improve their professional image, while Auckland’s chief executive officer has said a range of organisations are also providing skills training.

Auckland Health and Social Services’ chief executive, Simon Corr, has said he’s been talking to the public about improving health and social care information technology.

He said there were “a range of opportunities for individuals to get involved with that”, including by working with a provider to build skills.

“In my own experience as a nurse, we’ve seen that there’s a lot of people who really have a strong interest in working with their health information, and they’re very interested in the technology they have in their workplace.

I think it’s important to give people access to that information and that experience, and there are a lot more opportunities for people to get in touch with that.”

Corr said the Government was also providing training to organisations on “cyber security” and had a “massive” number of people looking to apply for that.

Health and social services have been among those offering a range, including in the areas of cybersecurity and security awareness.

An organisation called Information Security Management Training has been running workshops for people from across the country for about six months, and it was also offering a three-day “digital skills” workshop for staff.

Corr also said he was aware of organisations offering online skills for employees, and that the Government would be “looking into the opportunities to work with the industry”.

“We’re aware of the opportunities that exist across the health sector.

We’re also looking at opportunities around the workforce to look at the online aspects of it, as well.”

CorR said he expected a lot from the industry, given the fact it was “a very diverse sector” and it could “create opportunities for the Government”.

“It’s about getting a wider variety of the workforce involved in the workforce and ensuring that they can get up and working as quickly as possible,” he said.

The Government has not made any commitments about when or where the government would provide training.

If you or someone you know needs help or advice about health and personal information security, contact the Health Safety Net on 1800 1800 1800.

If you need help or information about workplace cybersecurity or information security for your business, contact your business or HR professional.