An insurance company is asking customers to register their own domain name when they need it.

The name of the company will then be used when you buy your policy.

The website has been running since November, offering insurance and property insurance policy holders the option to register and pay using their own name.

“The aim is to offer consumers a domain for which they can purchase policy coverage and a name that will be used by the insurance company,” the company said in a statement.

“This allows them to choose their own insurance company to insure their property and to manage their insurance policy with a more professional, more efficient and safer way.”

Insurance companies have been experimenting with offering domain names in the past and this is the first such project, it said.

“While domain names may not be a new idea, the idea is to create a more efficient way of managing these types of contracts for a wider range of customers.”

The insurance company said it was also working on ways to make it easier for customers to buy insurance coverage using their personal name.

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