It’s a question many Americans have asked themselves in recent years.

After a major insurer announced its plans to leave the U.S. in 2018, many people started to worry about losing their health insurance coverage.

Now, it’s becoming more common for consumers to ask questions about insurance companies that may not be covered in their state.

This includes questions like, “What if I get sick and need to be treated?”

“When I go to a doctor and I see an issue or a medical condition that is not covered, I think I need to take my insurance,” said Jessica McNeil, an insurance broker from St. Petersburg, Florida.

McNeil says many of her clients were looking for a plan that would cover them for when they need it, or even for emergencies like a car crash.

In 2017, she found an insurance company in Texas, but when her insurance company dropped her health insurance in 2018 and said they wouldn’t pay for a car accident coverage, she didn’t think she would be covered.

“It was a real shock,” she said.

“My plan would cover my car and my home, but that was really the only way I was going to be covered,” McNeil added.

She said it was hard to think about her insurance going away because she’d still be paying for it.

But, she did have one solution.

McNeilly says she was able to get a health insurance plan through a broker.

Now, she has one.

McNeal has been a broker since 2013, and she said she has been able to find a plan in the same way many others have.

She said she’s used the broker to buy and sell health insurance for several years.

“You can get very good rates,” McNeilly said.

She also says the broker has been very helpful in keeping her in her plan.

“I have a lot of confidence in them and they have been very patient,” she added.

McNeill said she still has insurance through her broker and she thinks it’s a good insurance plan.

But she also said she feels like she’s on the right track when it comes to her health.

“What they’re really trying to do is put you in a good situation,” McNeill said.

Mcneilly said her insurance agent has been helpful.

“They really try to help people and they really make sure they are aware of what’s going on and what the rates are,” she explained.

McNeelden, the insurance broker, said he has been more aggressive about trying to find other plans in the state.

McDonald said her broker has helped her find a policy in Florida for a month and a half, and the insurance company she got through her agent was the only one she could afford.

Mcdonald said she plans to stay in the broker’s insurance plan for a while and she will still use it for her own medical needs.