The American Medical Association has issued a statement urging the public to “know the ins and outs of how your insurance works” before they purchase insurance, and “ask questions when they think you need to make changes to get a better deal.”

The AMA says it will publish a list of questions to ask when shopping for insurance coverage next week.

The statement comes as the number of people choosing not to purchase insurance for health reasons is on the rise.

“Many Americans, and especially older adults, are choosing to limit their health care coverage to prevent catastrophic coverage losses and to avoid the costly medical costs of health care,” AMA President Dr. Vivek Murthy said in a statement.

“The AMA is working closely with insurers to promote the importance of protecting the right to choose health care and the right not to pay for it.

This is not about being forced to buy insurance.

This decision is one that we all should make with the best interests of our families at heart.”

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the insurance industry spends $3.7 billion on health care every year.

Murthy is expected to announce the list of ACA-compliant questions next week, along with information about the premium discounts offered on pre-existing conditions and the new consumer protections for consumers with pre-disposed insurance.