Insurers and financial advisers are now scrambling to protect themselves from a rising tide of misinformation about medical insurance.

A survey of 1,000 people across Europe and the US found that a growing number of people are unaware that personal insurance policies cover specific health conditions.

The study found that about 70 percent of people in Europe have no idea that their health coverage covers specific conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.

“The survey results showed that people are not yet comfortable with the idea that the terms of the policy cover these conditions, but are still more aware of the benefits of the coverage than those who have no coverage,” said Dr. Rolf Hoegh, an associate professor of public health at Emory University.

“In the meantime, a significant number of insurers and financial advisors are now using social media platforms to educate consumers on the benefits and risks of the policies they provide,” said Hoeh.

The I2S Insurance Knowledge Test (I2SK), a tool that allows people to compare insurers’ coverage and rates, was developed to help consumers understand the potential risks and benefits of their policies.

“This survey shows that awareness is growing.

People are not only not familiar with the concept of ‘coverage’ but are also not aware of some of the potential benefits and benefits,” said David A. Johnson, CEO of I2I, the insurance marketplace for healthcare professionals.”

We believe that this survey helps educate consumers about how to use this tool, and to help them understand that the coverage offered by insurers and insurers’ advisors is based on a number of different factors, not just ‘covers,'” Johnson said.

In addition to I2K, the company is also launching a new tool for people who have coverage through an employer.

I2i Insurers will start offering an online tool to help people better understand their policies, and will also be launching a mobile app to help users navigate the marketplace.

“With the launch of the mobile app, we will also continue to be focused on educating consumers about their insurance coverage and providing additional insights to help guide them through the process,” said Johnson.

“As our experience in the market has shown, consumers need to understand that insurers have to offer comprehensive coverage, and this is one of the key ways that they are successful,” said I2P’s CEO, Robert H. Silliman.

The results of the survey show that while the survey results were largely positive, more people still had some questions about what coverage they had and whether it covered a specific condition.

The survey also showed that some consumers are confused about whether the term “coverage” means what it appears to mean, and that some people may not realize that insurance covers specific health problems.

“There is still a lot that people don’t know about the policy coverage they have,” Johnson said, adding that the survey should help educate consumers.

The findings of the I2 survey were published in the journal Health Affairs.